Sunday, January 07, 2007

happier than the morning sun...

2006 was one of my best yet.

hanging out with old friends. meeting new ones. first date with scott. success in school. fox bros. backyard. lots of concerts (beck, outformation, panic, phil & friends, sundogs, black crowes, etc.). the return of a better widespread panic. charlotte trip. new york trip. best christmas ever. fantastic new years. extremely healthy and happy relationship with the best boyfriend ever. lots of bbq, beer, wine and jager too.

i have never been so content in the present and this confident in the future.

got a new camera for christmas. canon sd600...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

a former life

i held on so tight i got tired and had to let go.

i wasn't giving up, i just couldn't do it anymore.

hindsight: i should never have held on so tight.

i could not be more sad but at the same time i could not be happier.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

fox bros. shindig

June 3, 2006
Jonathan and Justin's backyard.
Outformation. Mark Brut opening.

i have two new loves

scott and the mets.

really, thank god he's obsessed with such a fun baseball team. i love everyone of those players. i love watching them play, it's really exciting. i don't want him to think that i love his team just because i love him or that's just what a good girlfriend does. i honestly love watching them. and it's a good thing because there is a mets game on almost everytime we hang out.

the moment i knew i was falling for him was after we had been to a mets game that day. when he told me "i love you" for the first time it was the same day Lastings Milledge made his big league debut. i have a feeling scott's first child will be named "David Wright" even if it is a girl.

mostly though, i love scott. he's just amazing. and it all feels so healthy. it's a very mature love but at the same time it's like we are 3rd graders "going out". the giggling is incessant. i see things in him that would have annoyed me with anyone else but with him, i find it endearing. i have not even picked a fight with him...i don't want to, there's no reason. i adore him. i love who i am around him. i am selfless with him. he is incredible, in so many ways. and he's good and honest, caring and trusting. he's smart, creative and hilarious. he's perfect even with his imperfections.

same as it ever was

well, things are back to normal. and by normal, i mean, my dad is drinking again. going to the bar in the early afternoon, making it back home for a nap and dinner then off to the bar again for the late shift.

his coffin will be made of busch beer aluminum cans.

you know, i really had faith that this sobriety thing would actually work out. it's just making me a little bitter.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

shopping excursion

things most definetly NOT purchased on the most recent shopping trip...

^ somehwere in some warm weathered climate a flamingo* is wearing a pair of these (jeremie, in fact, has verified this. he is originally from florida and says that, yes, people actually do wear shoes like these)

^ not a fan of the current purse trend

^ yes, my mom is holding an expensive handbag that is adorned with pom-poms

*flamingo= the type of woman who wears pink capris, lime green tropical shirts and straw handbags (usually found shopping for their springwear at the local steinmart)

Monday, April 17, 2006


it's 4 am, i think we're done here




damn traffic and text messages. accidents happen.


makes my body feel hot

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

10 years ago today

04/12/96 National Guard Armory, Baseball Field, Clemson, SC

1: C. Brown > Fishwater, Gradle, Weight Of The World, Walk On, Disco > Tall Boy, Heroes > Help Me Somebody

2: Rock, Rebirtha, Love Tractor, Aunt Avis, You Got Yours, Galleon > Chilly Water > Mercy > Drums > Chilly Water, Ain't Life Grand

E: Hope In A Hopeless World, Blackout Blues

my first Panic show.

robin, kellie and i took a quick road trip to clemson to see Panic. it was mine and laura's (is that grammatically correct) first show. we were 17. i was so drunk and tired of dealing with my belt that i threw it in the port-a-potty. we smoked pot with some dude that was next to us. i think we ran into christy and ashley in the lot. i remembering dancing a lot and just being drunk. the show was really good. as drunk as i was i still remember the show from when they opened with c.brown to when they closed with blackout. a hand full of those songs are still some of my very favorites to this day.

if you would like a copy of the show let me know.

Monday, April 10, 2006

my new pack

jellyfish at the new georgia aquarium

me in the penguin thing

me at the aquarium

me and my mom at the dogwood festival this past saturday (scott met my mom for the first time. i haven't decided if i will post pics of him on here or not)

hi, remember me?

quick update...

i have a boyfriend. his name is scott. our first date was february 25th.

i was sexually harassed by one of my professors. he has since been fired for misconduct in the classroom (unrelated to my incident). i did turn in an offical report though. i felt strongly about it. i have really thick skin and for me to be affected by it enough to go to the head of the department really shows how sick it was.

i am almost finished with my 2nd semester in art school.

i still work at the same waitressing job. i have a new boss and a new manager.

i called in sick to work yesterday. i have been with this job for a year and a half, it was my first time calling in.

my dad is still sober.

i am addicted to myspace.

going to see Panic at the Fox may 8th.

and Outformation is playing in my friend's backyard June 3rd.

i am happy.

more later.

movin' on up!

after years of pulling teeth and hair and almost tossing the computer out the window on many occasions (and shedding tears in frustration)...we have buried our dial-up!

so my new mode of cruising is DSL via the ethernet.

jesus, i feel like i can conquer the world now.

i have been on the interweb for a little less that 2 huors and i have already browsed every page on my bookmarks. not to mention, browsed website after website searching for a new pair of shoes. and the pictures! you guys, the pictures download so quickly! another good thing about this is that i can upload my pictures to my shutterfly account in a timely manner, rather than it taking five minutes to upload like 5 pics.

woop woop.